It Worked! — Cheese Project (3/?)

“Our economy is based on spending billions to persuade people that happiness is buying things, and then insisting that the only way to have a viable economy is to make things for people to buy so they’ll have jobs and get enough money to buy things.” 

― Philip Slater

After a month of aging I decided to hell with waiting. I needed a proof of concept not a gourmet cheese. I cut open the cheese and it was, much to my surprise, wonderful. It had a bit of a yeasty smell from the rind but the inside had a mild slightly brie like odor. It’s taste and texture were somewhat comparable to butterkase.

Now that I have proof of concept I’m going to try to scale up. In order to do this I’ll need a few things: a large copper kettle, a cheese press, and a place to age the cheese that will hold a consistent temperature year-round.

I found a book from the late 1800’s detailing various coppersmithing projects. I think it will provide enough information for me to make my own copper kettle. It will be substantially cheaper than buying one and I can make it to my own specs.

The cheese press I may buy. I want to have the highest chance of success possible when it comes to larger cheeses and presses are relatively cheap. Although in time I’m sure I will build my own.

The aging space may be the trickiest part. Currently I’m using a closet on an exterior wall. With outside temps in the 30’s-40’s the closet stays in the mid 50’s, perfect for aging. As spring comes around I will have to find a new solution.

My current plan is to make a hybrid aboveground/underground storage space. The aboveground portion will be covered in some sort of porous material (maybe just sandy soil). This will allow me to more finely control the temperature either by allowing the material to stay dry or soaking it to achieve some evaporative cooling. The underground portion will act as a constant heat sink and help keep temperatures in the proper range in the middle of the summer when evaporative cooling won’t cut it.


For right now the outdoor cheese cave/root cellar is on hold. However I have started turning my crawlspace into a cheese cave.

Until next time!

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