Smart phones are an interesting creature. On one hand they are engineering marvels that allow human beings to do what we do best: communicate, share, and cooperate.
They also hijack lower level systems in our brain which evolved to motivate the search for biological necessities such as food and sex.

Our goal here is to satisfy our nutritional requirements in the most parsimonious way possible. Nutrition is fundamental but it is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. Do not become obsessed. Simply put: do it cheap and do it fast.


Early in my junkie career I had a dealer named Jeff.  Jeff and I had known each other since before he started dealing.  I hesitate to call him a friend, but in that world he was the closest thing I had to one. At that point I was just entering the true down and out …


Unemployed Again Eight years ago I quit heroin, two and a half years ago I graduated with a degree in chemistry.  One month ago I found my first real job. One week ago I was fired. Being fired is not a new experience for me. I’ve been fired plenty of times for plenty of reasons.   …