My Aims Are Not Diffuse

Stripper: You should try and sum up all your aims in the first line.
Mark: Right, look, this is a very complex business proposal so I really don’t think you could sum up all the aims in one line.
Stripper: If you can’t sum up all the aims in the first line then they’re too diffuse.
Mark: Look, my aims are not too fucking diffuse, ok?!
Stripper: Fine! Jesus! They just might be too diffuse. That was all I was saying…
Mark: (Great… Now I’m getting an angry lap dance… Brilliant…)

― Peep Show

My aims are not diffuse. I have a very simple goal, I would like to build a robust society. The projects I undertake in order to work towards that goal will be extremely wide ranging. My interests have always been mercurial and this website will reflect that. What you can count on is that every project will work towards the goal of building a robust society.

I named the site jumping overboard because I believe we are all on a sinking ship that is beyond repair.

As much as I’d like to use this space for a treatise on societies and their structures, it wouldn’t make for a very good intro and welcome page. If you’d like to read more about what I believe a robust society looks like, check out the links below.